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September 22, 2008

The Light Of Love Just Won’t Go Out

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Lay lazy thinking in my room,

An image stays, after you’d disappeared, my groom,

In my memory, you looked strained,

As shadows began to loom,

But the light in your eye remained,

The burning fuse, a lightening strike boom,

A bloom, still continuing to heighten the gloom.

I switched to “OFF”, when you walked out,

After that, in my heart, was a complete white out,

But with a kiss, from you, the light never goes out,

You’ll stay my guiding light, without a doubt.

Nothing’s gonna turn my spotlight, right out

So we’ll find nothing more to fight about.

I might be going out, when you ask me on a night out,

But the light of love, just won’t go out.


Look into my eyes as you lie … do you see la – la – lies ?

Like a shooting star flying through the skies …

Just like our lovin has it’s lows and it’s highs,

The light of love lights and won’t go out as it flies …

The lamp flickered, off and on,

You were here, for a moment, then gone.

But the light of love will never go,

It may fade, but it always still will glow.

Though sometimes it seems hidden, only hope you know,

Even though embers don’t always show,

A rose, not once, but forever, I throw.

Like rays of Sun, shone from a torch,

Love’s beacon from ya’ Mama’s porch,

Maybe only in candlelight, that I see you,

As we dine together on a romantic meal for two,

But like headlamps – love’s a lighthouse, for us,

Star quality, bringing stardom to this sanctuary, thus,

Just like a rod of iron which in a furnace’s heat, smolders,

Your warmth remains, when you put your arms around my


Shining through the darkness, in iridescence,

Now all can see your brilliance,

All we only see is your magnificence,

In shimmering candle – glow radiance,

The whole world speaks of beauty’s resplendence, thence,

With glimmering eloquence,

There’s a light in our tunnel, though with little opulence.


If, for the metre, you pass me another fifty pence,

So the light of love just won’t go out, and eventually’ll make

sense … (repeat to fade)


© Jacqueline Richards 2008


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