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August 12, 2009

Noise Of Democracy

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Churchill’s statesman, R.A. Butler, who pioneered twentieth century education, once remarked that parliamentary exchanges were the “noise of democracy”. Given that music make so much musical noise, let us then hope that freedom is reaching the highest note of the concerto.

The noise of democracy begins with a rumble,

A hummingbird far away, a bee’s rythmnic bumble.

Until, in an avalanche, mountains crumble,

Fell head over heels, in love, with a tumble.



Democracy is a very loud thing,

When in unison, together we all sing.


On the horizon, appears a bus,

Bringing together, the two of us,

Two whispers, plus, together makes us,

Here for a second, then gone, just for us.


In the heat of the day, it’s of you that I think,

A trickle of promise, becomes a river to drink.

Clashing together two glasses, one clink,

Your song in the distance, makes me blink, then blink.


A tortoise quietly comes out from it’s shell,

Caterpillar to butterfly, it’s flight’s just as well,

Yet even louder rings liberty’s bell,

Gradually, from a murmur, democracy does swell.


The volume of democracy is never too loud,

When roars inside a passion, and together we’re a crowd. (repeat to fade)


© Jacqueline Richards 2009


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