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Singing Strong Song Lyrics Index




Agent Provocateur
All For One And One For All
All In A Day’s Sun
All In One Lifetime
A Very Humdrum Day
Adoration of Maggie
A Bizarre Occurrence In The Bizarre, Just Doin’ Ordinairy Things
A – OK
A Caged Bird
A Child Of The Universe
Adrift At Sea
A First Class Ticket
After Many A Summer Dies A Swan
Affairs of The Heart
All For The Love Of You
All In One Lifetime
All I Seek Is The Truth
All or Nothing At All
An Element Of Luck
A Light Went Out
Answer Every Prayer I Ever Prayed
Any More Good Ideas ?
A Pauper, Yet Riches In My Heart
A Quick Exit
Are Things Really So Bad ?
Are You In ?
Are You One Of The Good Guys ?
Articles Of The Constitution
As Always
As Dumbfounded As Astounded
As I Awake
A Sassy Assassin
A Second Take At Takin’ The Michael
A Secret
A Series Of Coincidences
A Sugar Stealer Stole My Heart
A Touch Of The Light Fantastic
A Tribute To You
Au Contraire
A Sensitive Incentive
A Friend Is First A Stranger, Strangely A Stranger Becomes A Friend
A Whole New Meaning
A Multi – Millionaire Masterpiece
Anastasia Anaesthesia
An Incredible Loss To The World
Are You In ?
Around The Universe and Back
Arrows of Desire
Artist’s Lament
As Every School Boy Knows
As Simple As ABC
As Soon As
Au Contraire
Au Naturel
Au Contraire


Back To Square One
Beautiful Inside And Out
Beautiful Outside And In
Beauty & The Beast
Between The Sheets
Blessed Are The Peace – Keepers
Bistro Business
Bleak House
Bless This Bed
Blueprint Blues
Break Down The Walls In My Heart
Break The Rules, Don’t Break My Heart
Brightest Star In The Universe
Bringing The Sun
Broken Eggs
Building Bridges With Bread & Honey
But Once You Said Your Name, Things Weren’t Ever The Same
But When I Sing, I Forget Everything
But When We Dance
Butterflies In My Stomach
Butterfly Lullaby

Buzzin’ To Be Make A Beeline For You
By The Sea
By The Way, I Meant To Say


Caged Bird
Camera Click
Cannot Live Life Like This, With No Life
Can’t Get You Out Of My Mind
Can You Sing ?
Captain Of My Soul

Captive Audience
Cat Got Ya’ Tongue ?
Catchin’ The Sun
Catch Me If You Can
Chance Encounters
Change This Strange Arrangement
Child Of The Sixties
Chinese Whispers
Clamour At Your Glamour
Clear As Crystal
Come Clean
Common Knowledge
Come Early, Don’t Be Late
Come Here, You
Come On, Good Lookin’, Let’s Get Fuckin’ !
Common Knowledge
Computer Aided Design And Technology
Cool Water
Cordless Phone, ‘Cos I’m Chordless Alone
Couldn’t Catch You In
Creme De La Creme
Cruel Jewel
Cryin’ All The Way To The Bank


Damned If You Do, Damned If You Don’t
Dancin’ On This Earth
Dancin’ In The Rays Of The Sun
Dancin’ With The Rest Of The World
Dark Sunglasses Lament
Darling, darling
Dealing With Demons
Deal Or No Deal ?
Delightful Delia
Deja Vu
Devilry Delivery
Departure Lounge
Didn’t Know Which Way To Go
Did You Feel It Too, Babe ?
Did You Lose Your Way ?
Disaster Area
Distinct Instinct
Distinguished Conduct Medal
Distressed By Imaginings
Dolally Sally
Do You Believe In Fairy Tales ?
Do You Like What You See ?
Do You Mind If I’m Late ?
Donnez Moi
Don’t Be Upset, It’s Only The Wet
Don’t Come Down From The Mountain
Don’t Know How
Don’t Play Chess Games With My Heart
Don’t Wanna Move Mountains, Only Wanna Move You
Don’t Worry Baby, Everything Will Be Alright
Don’t You Ever Give Anyone Any Peace ?
Dreamin’ Streamin’


Each Of Us Speechless

Eraser – Rub It Out !
Erotic Magic Tricks
Especially For You
Eternal Flame
Even Love You In The Supermarket Queue
Even Though You’re Gone
Even Though You’re Not Here
Every Beat Of My Heart
Every Day Moments
Every Magic Moment
Every Man Who Saves A Life Saves A Little Bit Of The World
Extolling Your Virtues


Fancy Nancy
Farewell, N’er Do Well
Favourite Fragrance
Fireworks In My Heart
First and Last
First Avenue
First Class Love On Second – Hand Bookshelves
Fizzy Lizzy, You Make Me Dizzy
Flagrant Fragrant
Flower In My Hand

Fly On The Wall
Fool’s Gold
Football Referee
For All Eternity
Forever, Always And A Day
Forget – Me – Nots
Freak or Fake ?
Freedom Fighter
Freedom’s Heavenly Jingle
Friends Reunited
From Here To There
From The Bottom


Genie In The Lamp
Get In Focus
Giggle Girl
Gigolo’s Go Slow
Give Me The Time
Give Us A Clue
Glass Ball
Glint In Ya’ Eye
Glitz & Glam
Glorious Gloria
Goblins and Gremlins
God’s Greatness
Gonna Make Ya’ An Offer Ya’ Can’t Refuse
Good As Gold
Greater Love Hath No Man Than This
Great Sex & Your Good Morning Coffee
Great Oak Trees From Little Acorns Grow
Greta Garbo
Guardian Angel
Guinevere Forever
Gypsy Rose Lee


Half Way Through
Hands of Friendship
Harmony In Company Symphony
Help Me
Here and Now
Hide Away
Hidden Treasure
High Frequency
High Heel Boots and Black Lace
Highway Of Heroes
Hi There !
Hit Rock Bottom Rock Hit
Hit The Headlines
Hole In The Head
Honey, Come & Get Me
Honeymoon All Afternoon
Honey, You’re The Apple Of My Eye
I Met You In a Hot Spot – Now, You’re Top Of The Pots !
Hot Chocolate
How Does That Make You Feel ?
How Quickly The Ice Melts

How To Do What You Do

Hummin’ To Myself
Hurt So Much


I Believe
Ice – Skatin’
If At First You Don’t Succeed
If Spring Has Sprung
If You Can’t Read The Signs
I Can’t Afford A New Ford
I Do
I Have A Dream
I Just Can’t
In A Child’s Eyes
In Every Respect A Lady, Mary O’Grady
In The Eyes Of A Child
Into The Rose Garden With Rose
In Your Hands
In The Swing
Is Anyone Listening ?
Is It Me You Love Or M’Mama’s Homemade Cakes ?
Is It Only Me ?
I See The World Reflected In This Diamond
Is That It ?
Is This An Illusion ?
I Still Believe In A Place Called Hope
It Ain’t Broken, So Why Fix It ?
It Goes Without Sayin’
It Just Can’t Be
It Just Didn’t Work Out
It Never Rains But It Pours
It’s All Over You, Babe
It’s Time To Put Me Down, My Lord
I Want No More
I Was Down
Imagine I’m Singing This Song Just To You
In A Child’s Eyes
In A Spin
In Front, In The Middle And Behind
In Just One Wink
In The Breeze
In The Middle Of This Chaos
Inspiration 4 My Imagination
Invitation To Dinner
In Your Handbag, Is There A Photograph Of Me ?
It Ain’t Broken, So Fix It ?
It’s All In My Head
It’s Just Not Cricket
It’s Over, Lover
It’s So Chronic That Our Love’s Telephonic
It’s So Reassuring That You’re So Alluring
I’ve Been Poor and I’ve Been Rich
I’ve Said It Once, Won’t Say It Again
I Want No More


Jacuzzi Floozy
Joanna’s Piano
Joy In The Morning
Judged Just For Who I Am
Jumped Ship Just To Be With You
Just A Bit
Just A Lie, An Alibi
Just Between Me And You
Just Call Me Babe
Just Can’t See It
Just Come Home
Just Hanging Around
Just Kinda Slipped My Mind
Just Like A Kid With A New Toy
Just Like A Sparrow
Just Like Me, Liking Just Being Me
Just One Glance
Just Unjust Injustice
Just Sit A Minute
Just There
Just To Be With You
Just To Pay The Bills


Keep It To Yourself
Keep On Doin’ As You Do
Kickin Kay
King of Shockin’ Stockings
Kiss ‘n’ Tell
Kitchen Love
Kites In The Wind


Lady Godiva
Late Again
Led Astray
Let’s Do Somethin’ That M’Daddy’ll Be Mad About
Let’s Get Things Started Because I Know You Want Things To End
Lie Along With Me, Lie Long With Me
Life Ain’t Quite Over, Yet
Life’s No Dress Rehearsal
Life As Your Own Movie
Life Is A Rollercoaster Ride
Light A Candle
Light My Way, Be My Guide
Light ‘N’ Easy, Free ‘N’ Breezy
Listenin’ Out For You
Livin’ In A Bubble
Lookin’ Lucky
Lookin’ On The Bright Side
Loose Louise
Loosely Speakin’
Loose Yourself In Me
Longing For Belonging
Lost In The Post
Lotta Lies Lullaby
Love Is Blind
Love Makes The World Go Round
Love’s Armoury
Love Takes Time
Lovin’ Lovely Louise In Saint Louis
Luster Cluster


Madly In Love With You
Make A Stand, Stand Up, Stand With Me
Make Believe A Miracle
Makin’ Amends, So We Stay Friends
Man Mania
Man’s Gotta Do What A Man’s Gotta Do
Marvel How Marvellous
Matinee In Monterey
Me Time, Your Time, We Time, In Time
Medicine Man
Meet You On The Other Side Of The Divide
Merci Bien and Au Revoir
Midas Touch
Midnight Watchin’ The Stars
Mid Summer’s Night Dream
Million Dollar Love Song
Miracle Of Birth
Missed The Train Again
Missing You
Mister Missed ‘ er
Misunderstanding Underwear
Molotov Cocktail
Moment By Moment
More Than Words Can Say
Move Mountains
Multi – Millionaire Masterpiece
Music Nirvana
Must Be
Mutiny On The Bounty
My Fair Lady
My Finest Hour
My Head’s In Bits
My Kingdom, My King
My Man Mantra
My Menu
Mysterious Disappearance
My Very Own Admiral Butterfly
My Own Small Mark On The World
My Princess’s Magic Kisses
My World Fell Apart
My World Whirled


Never Complain, Never Explain
Never Lose Sight Of Your Goal
Never Quite Understood
Never Too Late
Nobody Has A Body
No Further Explanation
No Ifs and No Buts
No Man An Island
No Moment Like This
No More
No More, Babe, No More
No More Grey Clouds, Agreed
No More Sad Tales, No More Sorry Stories
No Reason Whatsoever
No – One Can Ever Take Your Place
No – One Else In ‘Ya Band

Not All That Counts Can Be Counted
Not Only, Never Lonely
Nothing Else Matters
Not Now, Not Ever, Never
Not Sure
No Secret Formula
No Sorrow Tomorrow
No Time Like The Present
No Wonder That You Wonder At Her Wonder
Not All That Counts Can Be Counted
Not Only, Never Lonely
Now and Then


Ode To An Old Musician
Off and On
Often The Bridesmaid, Never The Bride
Old Age, New Age
One Step Forwards, Two Steps Back
On Equal Terms
On Hold
On My Side Of The Bed
On Top Of It All
Only One Pearl In An Oyster, Only Oyster With A Pearl
Optomistic Outlook
Ou Est Il Le Soleil ?
Our Renaissance Romance
Our Romance IS Stamped With A Postmark
Out Of Cash


Painter’s Lament
Pair of Ol’ Romantics
Pandora’s Box Paradox
Particular Petticoat
Peace In Our Time
Peace March
Peace To His People On Earth

Pennies From Heaven
Penny For your Thoughts
Perfect Match
Perhaps, Chaps
Phonograph Photograph
Photocopy Cat
Photograph Album
Picalilli In Picadilly
Piggy In The Middle
Pink Flamingo
Play My Body Like A Violin
Please Louise, Don’t Tease
Plenty More Fish In The Sea
Point Blank
Poison Chalice
Pole Dancer
Politician Or Magician ?
Postman’s Knock
Pot of Gold
Pride and Prejudice
Prince Charming
Promises To Keep
Purr Like A Kitten, Roar Like A Lion


Qui Me Amat ?


Rainbow Warrior
Ray of Sunshine
Ready and Willing 4 Thrilling
Really Had No Choice
Re – Enactment
Rocket Science
Roses Are Red
Rude, Trude, No Need To Be  A Prude
Runnin’ Scared


Sad and Blue, Too
Sassy Lassy
Sat Next To You
Scarlet Charlotte
Searchin’ For The Best In Me
Seduction Reduction
See The Peace In Me
Seems Like
Sensitive Incentive
Set In Motion
Sex, Drugs & Rock ‘N’ Roll
Sex Me Up
Shall I Compare Thee To A Summer’s Day ?
She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not
Shimmerin’, Glimmerin’
Show Me I’m Beautiful
Sing Together
Sisters And Brothers
Sit Back
Smilin’ Down On Me
So Alright, All Night
So Different, Yet The Same
Sold Down The River
Solving The Mystery Of You
So Kind, You’re Enshrined
Some Like It Hot
So Quick, So Slick
So Perfect
Some Kind Of Plan
Some Like It Hot
Some Of This, Some Of That
Something So Perfect, Shouldn’t Be Left To Chance
Something To Do
Something To Give
Sometimes Is Not Always
Sometimes, Somewhere, Someone
So Much To Do, So Little Time
So So Sorry
Sound Clash
Sound Of The “Om”
Southern Comfort
Special Offer
Special To Me
Sprinkle Moondust
Spyware Protection
Standing Next To Giants
Standing On The Shoulders Of Giants
Starkly Sparkly
Stationed On The Station
Stitched Up, Torn Apart
Stolen By A Sugar Steeler
Stranger Things Have Happened
Streets Ahead
Strongest of All
Studio Session
Sublime All The Time
Such A Fuss
Sultry Ultra
Summertime Somersaults
Sunday Showgirl
Suspense Thriller
Sweet Memories
Sweet Song


Take My Hand
Take Two
Talent In Your Talons
Tangle Jangle
Tears Drippin’ Down My Cheek
Tears Of Sadness, Tears Of Joy
Tell Me
Tell Me In Whispers
That’s Just The Way It Is
That Sunday Feeling
The Beauty of You Peeps Through
The Beginning Of The End
The Best Song Is Sung To You
The Business of Love
The Door’s Ajar
The End Of The Road
The Fight Of My Life
The Greatest Gift Of All
The Importance Of Being Earnest
The Key To The Puzzle
The Light Of Love Just Won’t Go Out
The Longest Day
The Necklace That You Bought Me Brings Me Luck
The Newest News

The Noise Of Democracy

The Party’s Over
The Peace Starts Here
The Pen Is More Powerful Than The Sword
The Science Of Love
The Secret Of Me
The Spice Of Life
The Spirit Of The Man, A Man With Spirit
The Storyteller
The Sweetest Sound
The Tactics Used To Keep Us Intact
The Train’s Late Again
The Whole World
The Window Into My Soul
There’s A Bullet With My Name On it
Think Of Life As Your Own Personal Movie
Thinking Of You
Thinking Things Through
Thirty – Nine Steps
This Can’t Be it, That Can’t Be It
This Is My Time
This Way and That
Three’s A Crowd
Throws A Rose
Tingle Jingle
‘Tis Never Too Late
Today, Tomorrow
To Me It Seems So Obvious
Tomorrow May Never Come
Top Of The Pops
To Touch The Souls Of Men
Too Hard To Speak
Too True, It’s Truly Us Two
Too Unfortunate To Have A Fortune
Touch The Skies
Trend – Setter, Go – Getter
Triumphs and Failures
Trumpets Herald You
Trusting In Righteousness (That My Love Will Be Home)
Tryin’ To Reach You
Turn Hot and Cold
Twinklin’ More Than A Christmas Tree
Two’s Company


Understanding Me
Underwater Life
Until You Came
Up In The Clouds
Utter Chaos


Valerie Be My Valentine
View Vous
Virtutis Amore (By Love of Virtue)
Vis – a – Vis, Invisible


Walk In No- One’s Shadow
Walking On The Same Path As You
Walk In My Shoes
Walk The Talk
Wana Tell Ya’ I Love Ya’, But I Can’t
War & Peace
Was That You ?
Washed Out
Watchin’ You Like A Hawk
We Make Music Together
Weak At The Knees For A Weak
Weary Of A War Of Words
Wednesday’s Frenzy
What Do You Pray For ?
What Do You See When You See Me ?
What God Has Joined Together
What Happens Next ?
What I Really Admire About You
What’s It All For ?
What It Takes
What’s The Answer, I Ain’t No Dancer ?
What Will The Neighbours Say ?
What’s So Funny, Honey ?
What’s This ?
Whose Side Are You On ?
When I Awoke This Morning
When The Doorbell Rang
When The Lovin’ Is Good
When We Fight
When Will You Arrive ?
Where Are You ?
Where There’s A Will, There’s A Way
Where I Seen Her, Pretty Prima Ballerina
While The Clock Ticked
Whoopin’ And A ‘ Hollerin’
Whose Side Are You On ?
Why Do You Weep ?
Widow Spider
Wild Rose
Will Our Romance Survive The Stormy Weather ?
Win, Lose Or Draw
Wipe Away My Mascara
Witches’ Brew
With All My Heart & Soul, Baby
With All The Beauty of Angels
Women Hold Up Half Of The Sky
Would You Mind ?
Wow Factor
Wow Factor Actor

Written By You


X – Rated


You And I
You Brought It On Yourself
You Can Choose My Underwear
You Can Forget That ! But Don’t Forget To Bring The Sun
You Can Take The Girl Out Of The North
You Didn’t Need To Tell Me
You Only Live Once, Only The Real Thing
You Pointed The Way
You Weren’t Lookin’
Young and Flung
Your Arms Around Me
Your Balm
Your Greatest Fan
Your Love Pointed The Way
You’re Eyes Are The Window Of Your Heart
You’re My Star
You’re Such A Flirt !
You’re Tops !


Z’s in Bed
Zippety – Doo – Da

Christmas Songs

Carol to Carol
Lovin’ You Is Easier With A Little Bit Of Christmas Razzmatazz
Melt Me Like A Snowman
My Very Own Christmas Fairy
Remember Last December
The Brightest Star
Throw A Snowball Of Happiness
Twinklin’ More Than The Christmas Tree

Welcome to the blog of poet and writer, Jacqui Richards. Please note the copyright on all of this material. It is policy to prosecute anyone plagurising intellectual property, but if you are interested in purchase so you too can create a hit song – contact jjacquir@aol.com or jjacquir@gmx.com



  1. true talent.
    trur artist.

    Comment by hussein hilmi — May 18, 2017 @ 4:25 am

    • Thanks x

      Comment by jacquirichards — July 28, 2017 @ 1:01 am

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