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March 28, 2008

With All The Beauty of Angels

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The majesty of heaven,

Has come to this, our haven,

With all the beauty of angels.

Marvel … adore … amaze …

The beauty of angels in an everyday daze.



All the beauty of angels …

Lying in my bed,

Angels’ allure in the words that you said …

I thought I was in hell,

But you took me to a magnificent heaven instead.

Last night, in white, bright light,

I flew to heaven in angelic flight.


With all the exquisiteness of angels,

Glittering rays of Sun caught in your wings,

As you tidied up all our things,

Saint Peter unlocked the gates of heaven,

Just to make our golden ring.




If six was sex, then eight will be great,

This splendour must be seventh heaven where,

Heaven’s angels despite all their beauty simply have to wait.

It maybe late, when I get to heaven’s gate,

Because I am here, with you, on today’s date, awaiting my fate …




Out of this Earth, what beautiful vision is this I see ?

Right by my side, an angel extra – ordinarily pretty,

My goddess, my Venus, with peace and tranquillity,

Just living an ordinary life, an amazing angel as my wife,

So serene, my queen, the most beautiful angel that I’ve ever seen

(repeat to fade).




So serene, my queen, the most beautiful angel that I’ve ever seen

(repeat to fade).


© Jacqueline Richards 2008


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